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Your pet is part of your family and the moments that you spend together deserve to be immortalised in professional portraits that show off their beauty and personality. Another unfortunate fact is that we will outlive our beloved pets. Your photoshoot session of/with your pet may be one of few professional photos taken of them. Such session will ensure that your pet will be remembered for years and years to come.

As a customer, I like to do my research before I give anyone my business. You should too. I’d suggest reviewing my portfolio first to see if my style appeals to you. You can read about me or read testimonials from past clients too. In addition, when we connect you’ll get to know me and hopefully we’ll find out we’re a fit!

There are those fleeting unforgettable moments with your four legged fur friend, if not captured, are lost forever. I love to capture these moments which you can look back on and smile. I describe my work as candid and spontaneous with the objective to create natural and simple portraits. To be able to do that, I invest time and effort in getting to know a bit about you and your pet to be able to capture personalities better.

Usually I start with getting the pet parents to fill a pet personality questionnaire to articulate the likes and dislikes of the pet. This helps me bring out personalities better during the session. In some cases, if possible, we can arrange for a weekend meet session at Cubbon Park, Bangalore.

I currently offer three kinds of sessions - Pet Solo, Maternity and Family. All these sessions can be customised to suit your individual requirements.

There are two factors to consider about the cost. The first is the session fee. This varies based on the type of session, location, number of “faces” in the session and any special additions you would like to incorporate in your sessions such as videography. The fee varies but is usually in the 6,000 - 20,000 INR range. The second part of your investment is the prints and products. Everything is offered based on what you choose and pay for. You can order what best fits your needs, style and budget.

I take 50% of the total session fees towards the booking charges and blocking the date. You can deposit the same in my bank account or via UPI. Remaining 40% needs to be paid after the shoot is completed and remaining 10% after the pictures are handed over. Once the date for the shoot is finalized and the account details are shared with you, payment is required to be made within 48 hours to block the date. If not, that slot will be considered as open for other clients. I suggest you use IMPS for faster payment transfers.

Exercising them prior to the session is a must. A tired pet is more relaxed and will cooperate better. Showing up early at the location so they can roam around a bit and get the exploring out of the way is helpful, too. The day before the session, get them groomed or give them a bath.

For outdoor sessions, I usually prefer natural light. It is best to shoot just after sunrise in the morning or just before sunset in the evening to get those beautiful warm tones in the pictures. However with the external flashes I can also make things work at any hour of the day. For Indoor sessions, as we light up the scene with lights, we have more flexibility to shoot anytime during the day.

For outdoor sessions, I recommend having it at a place where your dog has been before and is comfortable with. For cats and small animals, I recommend it in your home. For indoor sessions, we have the option of either having it in my studio or at your location at an additional charge.

Usually I keep a 15-20 min buffer for such delays but beyond that the time period will have to be cut short from the desired hours of the shoot. Instead I suggest showing up early at the location so the pet(s) can roam around a bit and get the exploring out of the way.

Here are some things that you should definitely bring - Water, favourite toys, leash, bandana, bowties and any other props or accessories that you want to incorporate in the session.

It is fine, I’ll work with your pet to click the best photos possible. Please let me know more about your pet while filling the pet personality questionnaire. If required and possible, we can meet at Cubbon park before the session. That way they aren’t meeting me for the first time during the session.

Ideally, bright and solid coloured outfits look best, for everyone. General tips include - don’t match your pet, keep the location in mind, be comfortable and when in doubt, go for denim.

The duration mentioned in the respective session accounts for the dress change, taking break etc.

The more the merrier. You can definitely include more pets or humans in the session at an additional charge.

As the pictures require shortlisting and professional editing, I take up to 14 working days for the delivery of pictures. If, in case, you wish to get the pictures on priority, I can prioritise the same for you at an additional charge.

I am afraid not. Creating a beautiful photograph is a three step process. First comes being able to imagine the final photograph. Then comes clicking the picture with the camera and in the end, process the picture to achieve the final photograph. Hence I don’t recommend shortlisting a picture without knowing the imagination of the final photograph.

I use licensed softwares like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to edit and retouch pictures. This includes skin retouching, colour correction, exposure correction and advanced editing wherever needed. I use Apple Final Cut Pro software to create videos.

I use a cloud based service to transfer all the edited high resolution pictures to you. You will receive an email from my end with the link to download the images. Once you receive the link, you will have 7 days to download before the link expires. I will also share the edited pictures with you through Google Photos for you to upload on social media or share with family/friends.

You will have the option of buying the unedited images at an additional charge. The unedited images will be JPEG and will contain my logo.

Everything from wall presentations including those classic canvasses, modern frames, to those fine quality photo Albums. Everything is offered based on what you choose and pay for. You can order what best fits your needs, style and budget.

As per the Indian Copyright Act, the photographer is the first owner unless there is an agreement to the contrary. The rights of the Photographer are the right to reproduce, to make any adaptation of the work, publish his photographs etc. Copyright infringements, reproducing photos without permission, can result in civil and criminal penalties.

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