How it all started

Searching for the true meaning of life, we never knew that a small little fragile four-legged baby would be the answer. That’s exactly what our fur baby “Doggu” means to us. In the year of 2014 barely a few months old, he used to always come and tag onto my sister’s legs. I used to be scared of dogs that time and used to just smile from nearby. Like all the streeties near my previous house, he used to roam around but the moment we were out, he used to walk along with us. He daily dropped me to the bus stop too. Abused and beaten always by my very “friendly” neighbours, one day he was taken away by CUPA due to a false complaint from one of the neighbours that he was unwell. Luckily, my sister saw that and then started our journey with our baby. From the CUPA days to four months in boarding as we couldn’t keep him in our not-so-dog friendly apartment, we finally shifted to our new Villa and our little baby became ours forever.

From then, for the last 4 years it has been a joyful & pawsome journey for us. Doggu has travelled with us to Coorg, Varkala, Hosur, Wayanad, Mysore and regularly visits restaurants, dog parks and many resorts in Namma Bengaluru. He loves to visit dams, beaches, mountain trails and also had a shopping tour. He basically owns our car and no one is allowed to drive it without our baby sitting in it.

I am your driver for today

The days are different now

Doggu’s daily task is to own the entire house and the furniture. He is playful and keeps roaming the entire house and sleeping from one bed to another although he himself has two beds and two sofas! The joy of seeing him playing around and jumping onto the bed makes our day. The moment we come from our offices, he welcomes us even if it’s way into the night. 

Ain’t I cute

Get to know Doggu

He loves long walks and is very curious by nature. Any new parcel or package is clearly inspected by him and only then is allowed inside. He is our heartbeat and our lives revolve around him. The way he loves us without ever judging is the truth behind true love. Whoever said that true love does not exist must have never loved the four-legged babies. He is our one word for happiness. People say he is lucky for his journey from the streets to royalty, but we know that we have been lucky to be chosen by him.

Let’s explore

Doggu is and will forever be the heart of our family and one look from him makes us forget everything. His birthday falls in October which is one of the best days of our lives and is celebrated with lots of gifts and home baked cake and a trip for sure because he is a travel baby.

I am ready for the road trip

To conclude

The sole reason for the irritation which some streeties might show is due to the ordeal that they have faced at the hands of few irrational humans. A little love and compassion towards them, and they are ready to sacrifice everything for you. Doggu has taught us unconditional love and although we spoilt him, still he is the sweetest and most disciplined baby of our family. His soulful innocence and beautiful eyes has made us fall in love with him everyday, over and over again.

About the Author

The sisters, Moumita and Devasmita are Cbersecurity Experts and avid Dog lovers. They love to travel and have made four-legged friends all over the world. They are trained Bharatanatyam dancers and love to practise at home as Doggu is definitely part of their choreography. Their parents, Subrata and Ajit Kumar Das, feeds the layout doggies and love to visit new places with Doggu. They love to spread the message of Positivity towards animals and having compassion towards the streeties

Stills by Rohit

Stills by Rohit

Rohit Agarwal is a self taught professional pet photographer based in Bangalore. He has worked in companies like Amazon and Flipkart for almost a decade before listening to his calling to finally chase the pets, cuddle them, adore them and click them. His love for pets and passion for photography gave birth to ‘Stills by Rohit’. He likes to capture real emotions and create stories of pets and their families, which one can look back on and smile. He also works with various Animal shelters in Bangalore on adoption or fundraising initiatives through his photography skills

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