A lot of times we think we know our dogs, but do we really know them like our parents know us or you know your best friend.

Upon asking people about what do their dogs love, these are the most common replies I hear:

  1. My dog loves food
  2. My dog loves cuddles
  3. My dog loves walks
  4. My dog loves to play with a ball

But from where I see, these are sort of more generic things. Like when someone would ask my mom or my best friend about me, the details would be much more specific. Like when it came to food, there would definitely be things that I would prefer over the others, like Chinese over Italian. When it comes to cuddles, I could prefer hugs over kisses, or may be back scratches over everything else. I could prefer walks in the rain more than walks in general

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I think knowing our dogs is underestimated. Like they say, “Dogs do talk, but only to those who listen”. Your dogs are always telling you about themselves. And it is amazing how when we start listening the whole dynamic of the relationship changes for the good. Its like how we one day find that one person who hears us out, understands us and accepts us for who we are. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling to even think of.

If only we heard them out, I think a lot of problems might automatically fly of the window. You will see your dog being more receptive to you and what you saying because he would have found “his person”. Imagine if your dog doesn’t like hugs and you ask him to sit and give him a hug as a reward, you reward can actually backfire there 😜. Knowing what your dog’s likes and dislikes can actually help establish a beautiful foundation of an eternal bond.

So what to do?

Go out there and know your dog (and don’t impose your likes on him 😝). A little hack here would be to make small lists:

  1. List of food items your dog likes in order of preference
  2. List of things your dog likes to do in order pf preference
  3. List of places your dog likes in order of preference

And once you have these lists ready, you are totally ready to be your dog’s Santa and he would want to do everything for you more than ever

About the Author

Nikita Alhawat is a certified canine trainer and the mother of thegoldengrey. She is someone who has grown up with dogs and could never have imagined life any other way. Through her work she wishes to bridge the communication gap between dogs and humans and help humans understand them better. And with her own dog, Grey, she wishes to create value in the society. Grey and her have done some Animal Assisted Activities in schools together and wish to spread more and more smiles in the future.

Blog: https://tgoldengrey.blogspot.com/2020/07/know-your-doggo.html 

Instagram:  @thegoldrengrey and @hoogog20

Stills by Rohit

Stills by Rohit

Rohit Agarwal is a self taught professional pet photographer based in Bangalore. He has worked in companies like Amazon and Flipkart for almost a decade before listening to his calling to finally chase the pets, cuddle them, adore them and click them. His love for pets and passion for photography gave birth to ‘Stills by Rohit’. He likes to capture real emotions and create stories of pets and their families, which one can look back on and smile. He also works with various Animal shelters in Bangalore on adoption or fundraising initiatives through his photography skills

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